Season 2 Episode 6: Growing from Midlife Pain with Kirsten Lewis Bethmann

As we get older, we hope things get easier, yet many of us face some of our worst fears during midlife. In today’s episode, Kirsten Lewis Bethmann joins us to talk about growing from midlife pain and experiences. Listen in as she shares how her life has shifted in the last two years, what experiences she’s had to overcome, and the growing process.

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Review the Show Notes:

Get to Know Kirsten (:25)

Kirsten’s Safari Trip (6:53)

Kirsten’s Age (13:14)

Kirsten’s Outlook on Life (15:08)

Why Kirsten Does What She Does & Childhood Amnesia (17:38)

Pruning in the Brain (20:50)

Traumatic Experience (25:29)

Photography Industry Wreck (32:16)

Becoming a Caregiver & Taking Care of a Parent (35:42)

Daughter’s Diagnosis (45:28)

Finding Love Again (53:11)

Fear of Judgement (1:09:00)

Redefining Chosen Family (1:13:40)

Advice to Younger Self (1:26:15)

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis

Connect with Kirsten:


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