Episode #001: Finding Yourself in Midlife – Renee Shea

As we approach midlife, many of us are finding ourselves again—particularly when we run into a midlife plot twist. I’ve watched my amazing friend, Renee Shea, conquer her own midlife plot twist with strength and grace. Listen in as we discuss how she managed unexpected plot twists in her business and personal life.

About Renee (1:06)

Renee’s Photography Transformation (5:25)

Accepting and Creating Her Brand (9:10)

Renee’s Midlife Plot Twists (13:35)

Takeaways & Learning from MidLife Plot Twists (18:52)

Femininity vs. Masculinity (18:51)

Advice to My Younger Self: You are enough. (27:11)

Age vs. Maturity vs. Life Experience (28:18)

Social Justice and your Business (31:36)

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