Episode #003: Midlife Recovery – My Neighbor Anne

midlife recovery

Recovery can be a tough road to go down, but I’m thankful it’s an option. Today my dear friend and neighbor, Anne, is joining me for a truly eye-opening conversation around her struggle with alcoholism. In this conversation, we’re tackling here long-time battle with alcohol, what detox and rehab looked like during COVID, and the importance of diving into therapy.


Introducing Anne (:50)

Anne’s Relationship with Alcohol (3:14)

Going to Rehab (5:29)

The Rehab Experience (9:08)

Rehab During COVID (12:48)

Rehab Staff (14:21)

How Alcohol Effected Anne’s Health (15:26)

Deciphering Depression vs Alcoholism (21:35)

Anne’s Day to Day (22:55)

What Life Looks Like at 42 (25:16)

Life After Rehab (26:44)

Support Networks (30:07)

Midlife Stories (31:22)

Anne’s Long Term Treatment (37:23)

What Anne Would Tell Her Younger Self (40:31)

What Anne Would Tell Herself Back in March (42:50)

The Importance of Timing (43:14)

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