Daniel (#36)

grandfather and father playing with infant and toddler children at home West Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“Being a Black dad means I survived being a black boy. To get to this point there were many years and instances where I didn’t know if I would live. And when I wasn’t questioning my mortality, I was in need of tremendous personal growth in order to feel like I could be a viable husband and father. And this is despite having a good, present father and healthy family structure. Because I was prayed for, a lot, I made it to this point where God has entrusted me to raise 2 boys. I didn’t start my family until well into my 30s, and as I am just a month shy of my 40th birthday, day-in and day-out, being a husband and a father is my greatest gift. Being a Black dad is full of short years and long nights, so I try to be present as much as possible and give my best to my family as often as I can. Some days I fall short and others I ain’t even right at all, but I keep working, I keep praying, and keep trying.”

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