COVID-19 Safety Plan (Winter Update)

2020 was a truly weird year. As winter sets in, it’s time to re-evaluate my operating procedures in the wake of the continuing spread of COVID-19. While most things aren’t changing (yes, I’ll still be wearing a mask and we’re staying outside as MUCH as possible…oh, and still no hugs), there are a few updates I wanted to share with you.

The first and most important update is that I will be taking a SUPER limited number of indoor newborn sessions through the winter. This is so your sweet babies don’t have to be out in the cold…but there will be restrictions in place for all of us and our health. Family sessions will remain OUTDOORS ONLY. Please also keep in mind that outdoor family sessions can only have up to 10 people. That means NINE family members plus me. Anything for larger groups or events will have to be postponed until the state gives us further guidelines.

Location, location, location.

I will only be shooting outdoor family sessions for the foreseeable future. These sessions will occur on private property or limited locations I’ve chosen that will have lower crowds, making it safer for all of us. Since families will not be masked during the session, you’ll notice I’ll be shooting with a longer lens and keeping at least 8-10 feet between us (the CDC recommends 6 feet, but I would like to be extra sure we all stay healthy!). 

Are masks (still) required?  

Yep. I’ll be wearing my mask when I greet you and do anything that requires that I get closer than 8 feet to your family. If we’re outdoors, I will likely lower it when I get further back to actually take the portraits, so that you can both hear me and everyone is able to feel more relaxed. When you’re not being photographed, I’d highly recommend you wear your mask – and take it off during the portraits. 

Sessions will still be zero contact. That means no handshakes, hugs, fixing your hair, holding your bags/belongings or touching any personal items. Oh! And don’t forget the hand sanitizer. I’ll have my own on me, but please provide your own so we can be extra careful. 

Please know that you are responsible for the movements of your children and pets during any sessions with me in the near future. Although I love being able to help during sessions, everyone’s health must take a priority. I will verbally provide posing suggestions and instructions throughout our sessions.

Indoor Newborn Sessions

In an effort to keep everyone healthy, I will only be taking on TWO newborn sessions a month through the winter. I ask that we stay in touch about the hospital’s precautions before and after the baby’s arrival so we all know what’s going on. Sessions will be limited to immediate family only and will remain as no-contact as possible. And, I will ask and strongly encourage you to not book your session immediately after you’ve had prolonged contact with family who does not live in your household. If you can, it would be great to have commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs, wiped down before I arrive.

Contracts & Ordering Sessions

All contracts will be updated to reflect these new policies. By signing, you are agreeing to them – and to letting me know if we must reschedule. All ordering sessions will continue to happen virtually following your session, as has always been my policy. I look forward to seeing what artwork you choose from your session!!! 

Sick/Cancellation Policy

If anyone is experiencing coughing, shortness of breath, or any other Covid symptoms, we will reschedule for at least two weeks later. Additionally, if there’s ANY chance you may have been exposed, please let me know so we can reschedule your session. And, of course, if anyone has tested positive for the virus, please let me know and we will reschedule. Please also let me know if anyone in your family tests positive in the two weeks after our session, to help me take the necessary precautions for my family and other clients. Although I know it can be frustrating to reschedule, your health and mine (as well as my family’s) is of the utmost importance.

I know that all these rules seem overwhelming. Through it all, I truly appreciate your support and understanding as we figure out how to make these sessions as safe as we can. This virus and this winter can be tough, but we’re tougher – and we’re still going to find the safest ways to document your family’s story. Happy holidays!

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