Coronavirus Apocalypse Update

Anyone else feeling a little stir crazy about this Coronavirus Apocalypse right now? Just me? I thought I’d take a moment to let you, my incredible clients, know how things will be working in the LBP world. I want each of you to know that my priority is ensuring that we all stay healthy before, during, and after our sessions. 

Mom holds laughing toddler daughter in arms in park Passyunk Philadelphia
Mom holds laughing toddler daughter in arms in Fairmount Philadelphia

First and foremost, know that I’m taking great care to follow CDC recommendations and am keeping my hands extra clean. I like to think that I was doing pretty well before all the hand soap and sanitizer flew off the shelves, actually! 😉 During this outbreak, I’m making extra sure that I preface any photo session with good hygiene for everyone’s sake. The best part about lifestyle sessions? There’s very little contact with my clients… because it’s really about just capturing your normal day-to-day life and not posing you! That means I can still keep your at-home and outdoor sessions on my calendar, if you’re feeling up to it. 

If you aren’t feeling well or you’re dealing with other emergencies, let me know. I’m happy to be flexible with rescheduling your session. By making sure we don’t spread germs, we’ll make this outbreak a little bit easier for everyone. Please just let me know if you want to reschedule or need other accommodations. Of course I will also have the courtesy to cancel if my health should change or I experience any undue exposure.

family laughing mural

My hope is that we will all emerge from this weird couple of weeks feeling refreshed, healthy, and excited for the warmer weather very soon! I still have some dates on my April calendar, and I’m also currently booking into May. So it’s definitely not too soon to daydream about getting outside and capturing your family’s memories this spring. You might as well knock one more thing off your to-do list while we’re all stuck at home with the kids!

Mom and dad lift up toddler child in air in front of mural wall Old City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Philadelphia
Mom and dad lift up toddler child in air in front of mural wall Old City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Philadelphia

No matter what, we’re all in this together. I know things feel a bit crazy right now: kids home from school, jobs on hold, life completely thrown in the air. But I believe in the power of community. I believe that together, we can get past this and back to whatever normal is. I have always believed that we are stronger together. So wash your hands, hunker down with a good book or board game, try to enjoy the extra time with your kids, and stay healthy friends!

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