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Last night we went for a walk after dinner.   You rode your bike, an activity that we definitely haven’t practiced enough this summer.  You’re a very nervous rider, probably made even worse by the fact that your training wheels clearly weren’t tight enough for your evening ride.  As I walked behind you, I noticed the sidewalks were broken and crooked and really hard for you to ride on.  But we kept encouraging you to keep trying, because there’s no other way to learn than to just keep trying.  I thought about this next journey you’re about to begin…starting kindergarten.  And as cheesy as it sounds, I thought about all the crooked and broken roads you’ll have to travel along the way.  I won’t be able to make them straighter or easier for you to travel.  You’re just going to have to keep trying, and I will be right there behind you, offering encouragement and the occasionally push to get started again.  My big boy, I am so proud of you and I’m so excited to watch you learn and grow this coming year.  I really hope you enjoy the ride!




This post is the first installment of a weekly blog circle, documenting the first year of school (kindergarten) for The Class of 2028.  We are a group of moms and photographers spread out across the world, who are excited to capture this exciting time in the lives of our children.  Stay tuned for a new post each week, and be sure to read through the other blog posts in the circle.  Next up is Melissa Pizzalato!

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  1. Ember and I really enjoyed reading this post! It is so poetic and lovely. Ember thinks it is beautiful. She is also excited about being part of this special “class”. You can probably expect some special drawings and letters from her sometime soon!

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