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mom with three kids in a park Philadelphia Chris Baker Evans

“After 2 years being in business I have covered my business costs, but little more. I reached out to Lucy Baber to help me get out of my funk and clear a path for a profitable business model while keeping relationship with my family and enjoying what I do – all at the same time! Before we met Lucy asked me background questions and took time to look over my online business presence. By the time we were speaking together Lucy had a good grasp of my business model, potential clients and opportunities for growth and crafting a more defined clientele. By the end of our conversation I had a range of suggested next steps, and more importantly, a lot of questions to wrestle with about who I wanted to be as a photographer in business. Lucy promised that she wouldn’t spoon feed me a formula to riches and fame but engage in a conversation that would help me craft a strategy to meet my own goals, and she fully delivered on that promise. If you’re in a transition phase in your photography business I highly recommend a mentoring session with Lucy Baber.” – Chris Baker Evens (Philadelphia Documentary Photographer)

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