Chestnut Hill Family Photographer | Letters to Our Sons, October 2013

Dear Theo,
Several months have passed since my last letter. You’ve started preschool, which you absolutely LOVE! You’ve finally started sleeping through the night! And we all lived through the craziness of potty training with relatively few emotional scars.



We are in full baby prep mode, as your baby brother will be joining us in the next 2 months. As the holiday season approaches, you are not only completely excited for the chance to wear costumes and get special treats, but you are also keenly aware that each passing holiday brings us closer to meeting him. I love how excited and nurturing you already are…constantly hugging me and my belly, telling me “I’ll take care of you mommy”, making up play scenarios involving mommies taking care of babies, and getting so excited at the thought that you will get to teach your brother so many fun new things!


This past month, we’ve enjoyed gearing up for fall by visiting all the local festivals…pumpkin patches, hay maze, and even your daddy’s favorite Lancaster County childhood tourist spot: the Oregon Dairy. 🙂 You absolutely fell in love with the little cow at the playground, which you lovingly named “Cowlick” and carefully guarded so none of the other kids would sit on her.


And finally today, I gave you what will probably be your last haircut before the baby arrives. We sat in the backyard and I bent over you, big belly and all, while you sat so still even though it tickled! 🙂 I was so proud of my big boy, and you look so handsome with your new cut! <3

Love you so much,

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  1. Even though I obviously have never met you or Theo,I always envision him being like my two boys personalities combined. So many similarities and so adorable 🙂 I love the orchard and pumpkin photos

  2. Oh I miss the Fall activities!! Pumpkins and apples and smell of leaves. I know that he is just full of wonder and awe at it all as he is exploring his world and waiting for it to change (little brother). Now that my two are older they are exploring the world together and that is even more fun (and dangerous!) But for now its just a special time for him and you together…enjoy it!

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