Chestnut Hill Children’s Photographer | January 2014 Letters to Our Children

Dear Theo and Chance,
This is my first letter to both of you, so of course I am bursting with things I want to say. But since a certain one of you (I won’t name names) wants to be held most of the day and night, I’ll be brief.

Before I had you, Chance, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly love someone as much as I love Theo. But of course, you proved me wrong. As cliche as it may sound, instead of needing to split my affection I have found that my love was able to multiply instead. Not only do I love each of you as individuals, but I am also in awe of your budding relationship, even at such a young age. Theo, I love how affectionate and protective you are of Chance. You are wonderful at helping to calm him down, and at times you have even better instincts than I do about what will soothe him! And Chance, even at only one month old, I love watching how much you just adore your big brother. You smile every single time he comes near, and you watch him run circles around you with utter adoration and awe. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll be able to chase him around soon enough. 😉

And now I hear those little baby wimpers calling “Hold me Mommy!”, so I’ll leave you with these precious photos to hold you over until next month! <3






Love you both so much,

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  1. Such sweet sentiments and gorgeous photos! You’re already capturing the bond between them so perfectly. One day they will absolutely cherish these photos. <3

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