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harriett's bookshop
December 3, 2020

Episode #006: Midlife Intuition – Jeannine Cook

Do you ever feel a desire to do something that’s so outside of your comfort zone, with no real understanding as to why? Jeannine...

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black excellence
November 12, 2020

Episode #005: Black Excellence in Midlife – Dr. Tomayia Colvin

My dear friend, photographer, and educator, Dr. Tomayia Colvin, recently joined me for a candid conversation about life after 40. In this episode, we...

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October 29, 2020

Episode #004: Midlife Authenticity – Charlie Baber

I recently had the chance to sit down with my dear brother-in-law, Charlie Baber to discuss what being his authentic self looked like as...

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midlife recovery
October 15, 2020

Episode #003: Midlife Recovery – My Neighbor Anne

Recovery can be a tough road to go down, but I’m thankful it’s an option. Today my dear friend and neighbor, Anne, is joining...

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Midlife Plot Twist podcast Mari-Carmen Farmer
October 1, 2020

Episode #002: Midlife Career Moves – Mari-Carmen Farmer

Changing careers can be daunting, but what about making career moves in your 30’s or 40’s? My dear friend, Mari-Carmen Farmer, joins me to...

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October 1, 2020

Episode #001: Finding Yourself in Midlife – Renee Shea

As we approach midlife, many of us are finding ourselves again—particularly when we run into a midlife plot twist. I’ve watched my amazing friend,...

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September 24, 2020

Trailer: Midlife Plot Twists Coming on October 1st

Welcome to Midlife Plot Twists with Lucy Baber! In this show, we’ll be chatting about all of the weird and unexpected ways that our...

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