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“Lucy’s work speaks for itself. She’s making waves as a photographer and activist, leading and uniting communities in Philadelphia. This leadership also extends to her mentoring abilities. In such a personal industry, photographers tend to shy away from sharing their business “secrets”. Lucy never spoke in code or made me feel inferior to her experience. We talked about strategy, branding, marketing, and technical skills in ways that elevated my business so much more than I anticipated. I’ve taken various free courses and watched tutorials over the years, but having Lucy’s one-on-one attention enabled me to ask questions specific to my business and quickly resolve things that I had been struggling with for months.

Prior to my mentorship, I felt disorganized in my offerings. I was a family photographer, passionate about telling stories of motherhood, who also dabbled in weddings (confusing, I know). My brand felt like a diluted mess, and I felt like a fraud in all genres, struggling with the idea that I should “pick a specialty” and “stay in my lane”. Within moments, Lucy reassured me that the way I tell stories is my specialty and gave me the confidence to create connections and push forward in all of my work. After spending an hour with Lucy, I felt more encouraged and inspired than ever. The confidence and clarity I gained during our time together was well worth my investment.

After our meeting, the real work began. With her guidance, I focused on my message, revamped my website, and began building strong connections with other local photographers in my community. I’m currently having the busiest season of my career, all while making intentional choices and creating art that I feel passionate about. When we met, I had one wedding booked for 2018. After putting her advice into practice, I now have 8, and several for next year, with bookings increasing across all of my offerings.

Thank you Lucy – for confidence, clarity, and encouragement. Your mentorship was such a gift to my business. Your knowledge is well worth the investment and I would encourage other photographers to connect you immediately if they are struggling to find clarity in their business.” – Bridget Massa (Collingswood NJ Photographer)

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