Brandon (#26)

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“Living by example is huge to me. I’m not one for a lot of political debates. I do intend to live out to the best of my ability.

As a Black male that did not have a good example from my own father, I feel God has given me an opportunity to teach my legacy through my children and be an example. Making the most of every opportunity. Pouring out to my children in coaching, being involved in their lives when I can. In my patients and letting them know someone is there to listen and care. Being there in every possible way for my wife.

I get held up in what stereotypes there are that black men don’t make it or that we are not good with our finances, or I haven’t been privileged to receive what other cultures may have. But I do believe God has blessed me with every good work. Blessed me with the ability to make it through school, to be married, to have children regardless what role models I may have lacked. I choose to believe that wholeheartedly.”

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