Episode #005: Black Excellence in Midlife – Dr. Tomayia Colvin

black excellence

My dear friend, photographer, and educator, Dr. Tomayia Colvin, recently joined me for a candid conversation about life after 40. In this episode, we talk about the impactful community she’s built for black photographers, what dating looks like in her 40’s, and the advice she’d share with her younger self.

Tomayia, I’m so proud to call you friend.

About Tomayia (1:43)

The Photo Cookout (4:02)

Creating Bridges of Opportunity for Black Photographers (7:16)

Making Long-Term Impact on Diversity in the Photography Industry (11:25)

Anti-Racism Course for Photographers  (15:49)

Re-entering the Dating World Midlife (22:28)

Approaching Midlife (30:36)

Advice to Her Younger Self (31:53)

Facebook Community: facebook.com/groups/tomayiacolvineducation
Tomayia’s Anti-Racism Course

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