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father snuggles his three kids on bed at home Mt. Airy Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer


“To be a Black dad means providing love and strength for my children. I want them to love themselves and those around them. I want them to be strong individuals that understand who they are and where they come from.
My fear in this day and age, is that people are trying to rewrite history by undermining what Black folks went through (and still go through today). That said, I also fear that some of the blatant hatred from years ago is coming back to our society. For this reason, I need my children to understand who they are and that they have to advocate for themselves.
I think this country and the world we live in seems to have a bad representation of the Black family. There are plenty of Black families with fathers that are fully involved in their children’s life. I want to portray the visible Black father that cares about being with his children more than anything in this world”

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