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Black dad sits on floor adjusting sons hat with daughter in background top philly family photographer Lucy Baber

Wesley (#46)

father helps toddler son and daughter play dress up at home Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“My father was a negative experience in my life whenever he was around. I vowed to never have my children doubt my love for them the way I did towards my own father. I will do everything in my power to make sure my children are loved, cared for, and educated.”

Black dad lifts smiling daughter up in home photo session Main Line PA Lucy Baber Photography

John (#45)

father lifts toddler daughter up in the air Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“The birth of my daughter is the greatest gift that I have ever received. She also is my greatest responsibility. In a world that presents obstacles for her success, it is my duty to move the apparent ones out of her way and prepare her for the unforeseen ones to come. I’m encouraged that our collective voices are being raised to highlight the challenges that we as Black people face. I will do my best to amplify those voices to create a better world for her to grow and thrive in. My fear is that our society’s worst elements are speaking out as well and trying to drown us out. If I could teach my daughter only one thing, it’s that she should never be afraid to stand up for what’s right and just.”

young girl plays with hula hoop outside Philadelphia PA Lucy Baber Photography

Erin Ingraffia

young girl playing with a hula hoop in a park Philadelphia

“A mentoring session with Lucy feels like a casual coffee date with a friend, that you don’t want to end.

After a busy year, I knew that I needed to make some changes, but felt a little lost. Lucy took the time to get to know my business and my work and then helped me come up with a plan for next steps tailored to MY business. Some of her suggestions were things that I knew I needed to work on (like pricing), but she helped give me the kick in the pants to get it done and to stop doubting my worth. Some of her suggestions were things that I hadn’t thought of, but made sense once I heard them out loud. After our session, she kept up with my progress and checked in with advice and encouragement. I’m excited for what the future will bring as I implement Lucy’s suggestions and take my business to the next level.” – Erin Ingraffia, Main Line Child Photographer

young girl smiles in from of blue and orange mural wall Rosemont PA Lucy Baber Top Family Photographer

Top 3 Reasons to book a Summer Family Photo Session

Summer is a great time to have your family’s portraits done! A lot of clients want to avoid the summer because they think the heat will make things tough, but I’m here to tell you that the summer is a great time to get new family photos. In a city as beautiful as Philly, the heat won’t hold us back!

parents lift up newborn daughter in park Northwest Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
  1. The Fountains
    Philly has so many fun spots to cool off around the city! I love getting to photograph families playing in the fountains in front of City Hall or splashing in one of our awesome nearby creeks. Be sure to pack an extra pair of water shoes so you can also join in the fun!
parents play with infant son in fountain at park Old City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
  1. Bright Colors
    Philly’s Mural Arts program keeps our city full of fresh, vibrant artwork, and that pairs perfectly with the bright, bold colors of your summer wardrobe! Summer is also a great chance to show off your beachy tans, new tattoos, and fresh pedicures! I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate your family than with some truly beautiful art in a city you love.
young girl smiles in front of bright mural wall south Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer
  1. Ice Cream
    The best part of summer, though, has to be ice cream! Family portraits are a great excuse to plan an evening in the city at one of your ice cream shops. We can absolutely take portraits of you family enjoying a delicious and cool treat. Enjoy spending the time together and capture new portraits all at once! It’s a win-win all around.
parents feed ice cream to their infant child next to trolley Northwest Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Family portraits should capture who you are and the things you enjoy – so whether it’s ice cream or splashing in a fountain in the city, summer is a great time to book your portrait session! Philly is a beautiful city all year round, but the summer is extra fun, so let’s chat about your family’s session!

Ready to book your summer family session? Contact me today!

two dads hold their young kids in front of mural wall in park Fairmount Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photography

What to Wear for Your Spring and Summer Session

You’ve booked a family portrait session, excellent! Now comes the hard part: deciding what to wear. The spring and summer months naturally lend themselves to bright, colorful clothing – which I am all about! The most important thing when choosing what to wear is that you’re comfortable and feel like you. Beyond that, here are a few basic guidelines I’d recommend sticking to…

parents with their three young children by mural wall in park Main Line PA Lucy Baber Family Photographer

With a spring or summer session, choose colors that compliment your skin tone and the season. Please don’t wear a plain white shirt for your session! White tends to wash people out, and it can pick up unflattering color casts from the grass and surrounding areas. Instead, I love when people mix neutrals with pops of rich, dramatic colors. Even in the spring, darker jewel tones tend to be slimming and they’ll be a great pop of color against the lighter flowers. Bright colors are also a great option this time of year – especially if we’ll be photographing your family in front of one of Philly’s awesome murals! Keep in mind that neon is different than bright (we don’t want neon)! Try to choose colors that will allow your portraits to feel timeless. Some of my favorite colors for spring and summer include: coral, mulberry, aqua, indigo, kelly green, mustard yellow, baby blue, or sapphire blue. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

mom and dad with sons sitting on their shoulders in park Center City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

So now that we’ve got some colors picked, let’s think about fabric patterns and whether or not you should match. Unless you usually match your family’s outfits in real life, I’d recommend going for a complementary wardrobe instead of an exact match. Let’s show off your unique personalities with a mix of patterns and solids. I like to start with a base of one or two neutral tones, then add one, two, or three complimentary colors and patterns. In general, less is more here…think about ways to add small pops of color in your accessories (jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc.) rather than head-to-toe color. Stripes, florals, and bold graphic fonts are another a fun way to bring some extra oomph into your session!

mom and dad lying in grass with toddler daughter Northwest Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

As you start picking out the actual pieces you’re going to wear, it’s important to remember that during my sessions, we move a lot. During your session we might jump, tickle, run around, sit on the ground, etc. So please pick out something that’s comfortable to move in.

parents holding toddler son and daughter new river South Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Moms – young children will probably pull at your clothes, so look for something that will fit comfortably and that you don’t have to worry about being pulled down as you play. I always love the fit of a nice flowy maxi dress! It’s a great way to stay cool during the warmer evenings too! Dads, we’re going for a dress-down Friday vibe here…please no stuffy work shirts and ties! I love the look of a relaxed cotton button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up – feel free to pair with nice jeans and layer over a neutral tee to let your personality shine through. I’m personally not a huge fan of polos, but if that’s your signature look then please aim for a high quality fabric and neutral color that won’t look faded in your photos. Also consider that darker colors and light cotton layers will hide sweat a lot better on a hot day!

dad with daughter on shoulders and getting a kiss from toddler son by river Fishtown Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

Choosing your outfits for family portraits doesn’t have to be stressful! Use my Pinterest board for some inspiration, and feel free to ask if you’re struggling. I love helping my clients look and feel their best for family photos!

Ready to book your spring or summer family session? Contact me today!

Lucy Baber smiling and leaning over railing Phildelphia

2019 Brand Coaching SALE! / Philadelphia Brand Coach Lucy Baber Photography

Hi friends!

I’m super excited to announce a new structure to my brand coaching sessions for the spring! In the past, I’ve offered one 2-hour coaching chat in person or virtually, with the option for casual follow-ups via private FB group. But I’ve realized that many of you want MORE time to clarify goals and for ongoing follow-up so you can really propel your business forward even more. So starting this spring, I’m launching an additional option with even more long term accountability!

Check out all the details, along with the 24 hour SALE PRICE, below!  This offer expires at midnight on Wednesday, March 6, so be sure to act fast!  Please complete the contact form below!

LBP Brand Coaching

Option A: $800 $400 (24 hour SALE PRICE)
FOUR 1-hour virtual chats (scheduled at our mutual convenience)

This is the perfect option for those who want more long term accountability and feel like they might have more questions after our initial chat.  Also a great option for those hoping to tackle more than one goal at a time.

Option B: $600 $300 (24 hour SALE PRICE)
One 2-hour chat (in person or online)

For those who have one specific goal in mind and are great at forming all their questions ahead of time.

*Still not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge?  Check out my glowing customer reviews here: LBP Brand Coaching Customer Reviews

**You can also listen to my interview all about my approach to brand coaching on the Lattes and Lenses podcast with Wanda Thomas Photography:

The Lattes and Lenses Podcast

CONTACT ME BELOW TO SIGN UP! (Or email [email protected])

This is Us | Philadelphia Family Photographer

I’m so excited to have joined a new blog circle, focused on the daily lives of several dear friends and super talented local photographers (and moms!). This is my place to showcase the people and places that are most near and dear to me…my family in my own home and daily surroundings. It may not always be pretty (or even very clean!), but these are the precious memories I so want my boys to grow up having. Please remember to click through the blog circle to see the other posts, starting with Philadelphia Family Photographer, Jackie Kelley










The Class of 2028 | Philadelphia Child Photographer

You had your first day of Kindergarten today!  You were so excited and I couldn’t have been more proud of you!  These photos are from morning drop-off, but the end of the day was equally exciting as you told me all about the day’s activities and your new friends.  After an entire year of stressing over choosing the right school for you, I am so relieved to know that you are in a place that you love.  Here’s to a great school year, my Kindergartener!!



Your brother had a hard time saying goodbye. <3


And one more shot for posterity…here are all of your “First Day” shots from Preschool to Kindergarten! 🙂


This post is the second installment of a weekly blog circle, documenting the first year of school (kindergarten) for The Class of 2028.  We are a group of moms and photographers spread out across the world, who are excited to capture this exciting time in the lives of our children.  Stay tuned for a new post each week, and be sure to read through the other blog posts in the circle.  Next up is Julie Moses!

Class of 2028 | Philadelphia Child Photographer

Last night we went for a walk after dinner.   You rode your bike, an activity that we definitely haven’t practiced enough this summer.  You’re a very nervous rider, probably made even worse by the fact that your training wheels clearly weren’t tight enough for your evening ride.  As I walked behind you, I noticed the sidewalks were broken and crooked and really hard for you to ride on.  But we kept encouraging you to keep trying, because there’s no other way to learn than to just keep trying.  I thought about this next journey you’re about to begin…starting kindergarten.  And as cheesy as it sounds, I thought about all the crooked and broken roads you’ll have to travel along the way.  I won’t be able to make them straighter or easier for you to travel.  You’re just going to have to keep trying, and I will be right there behind you, offering encouragement and the occasionally push to get started again.  My big boy, I am so proud of you and I’m so excited to watch you learn and grow this coming year.  I really hope you enjoy the ride!




This post is the first installment of a weekly blog circle, documenting the first year of school (kindergarten) for The Class of 2028.  We are a group of moms and photographers spread out across the world, who are excited to capture this exciting time in the lives of our children.  Stay tuned for a new post each week, and be sure to read through the other blog posts in the circle.  Next up is Melissa Pizzalato!

10 on 10 – June | Philadelphia family photographer

Here is this month’s “10 on 10” (ten images all taken on the same day during the past month). This month, we visited Sister Cities park in Center City Philadelphia.

Please join us by clicking through this blog circle of other talented photographers: be sure to visit Jodie‘s blog next! 🙂