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A Day in the Life… | Mt. Airy Lifestyle Photographer

I love a good personal project to keep challenging myself creatively! Yesterday, I challenged myself to capture a typical Saturday for our family. I believe that there are beautiful moments happening in our lives every single day, and it is my overarching goal as a photographer to try to capture those moments with mindful intention and a spirit of thankfulness (yes, even when my two year old is too antsy to wait in the grocery store line so we have to sit on the bench outside and stay entertained till daddy comes out!).

So here is a day in my life (which just happens to be yesterday)…

8:30 AM: Dinosaur parade

9:30 AM: My Dentist Appointment (no cavities, yay!)

10:30 AM: Puzzle time

11:30 AM: Nap Procrastination time

12:30 PM: Our cat Brimley (she has a bit of a toddler phobia).

1:30 PM: Field trip time! (Home Depot)

2:30 PM: Rainy Day Traffic

3:30 PM: Grocery Store

4:30 PM: Still at the grocery store…

5:30 PM: Cuddle time while Daddy makes dinner

6 PM: Dinner time!

7 PM: Potty break

8 PM: Bedtime!

DSisk Photography Colour Medley and Splendor Action Sets | Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

I have met some incredible contacts through the online photography community, and I love being able to support other photographers in their work! Yesterday I got to test out a brand new Action Set by DSisk Photography…it’s so brand new it hasn’t even hit her store yet! I really loved playing with these two sets, Colour Medley and Splendor. The Colour Medley set has some really fun effects, including a whole set of “light leaks” that give your photos an awesome sunflare or old school film effect. And her Splendor set is nice, clean, and classic, with some awesome matte effects to finish off your photo. Take a look at my edits on the same shot, below.

Original Photo

Colour Medley
Colour Medley.jpg

Light Leaks
Light Leaks.jpg


Thanks for letting me try out your new work Dee! I love them!!

New Gift Certificates! | Philadelphia Children’s Photos

Working on Phase Two of my new branding project: designing new press products. ๐Ÿ™‚ My new gift certificates came in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!! …Just in time for all those Mother’s Day presents you didn’t know how to shop for! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sweet Lady V | Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

Further proof that sometimes the best images can be taken in your very own home! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love having this sweet little lady over for playdates. <3ย  Just look at those soulful eyes!!

Before and After: Miss M | Philadelphia Child Photographer

Sometimes a little bit of editing can take an image from “ho hum” to magical. I just dug up this photo of my niece from last October and was so happy to be able to save an otherwise underexposed and awkwardly composed shot (my bad…you live and learn, right?). Top is the Original, bottom is the new edit.


Happy Valentine’s Day! | Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

Thought some strawberries and bubbly would be appropriate for today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Letters to Our Sons, February 2013 | Philadelphia Family Photos

Dear Theo,
This month I want to write to you about our family. There are so many wonderful traits that I see both your daddy and I have passed on to you. You are playful and cuddly and a constant joker/performer just like your daddy. But more importantly, you are loyal and honest, just like him too. You have his same nurturing spirit and I am proud that you have such a wonderful role model to teach you how to cook, clean up around the house and care for others like he does. One day you’ll read this when you’re all grown up, and I may or may not have the same wonderful, glowing compliments to say about your dad (you know, depending on the day, and the status of the laundry and dishes). But I want you to know that despite our ups and downs, your daddy and I love each other very much, and I am so very proud of the precious traits and lessons he is passing on to you.


You are also a dreamer and a feeler, which means you are full of both a fantastic imagination as well as the occasional sense of overwhelming emotion and anxiety. You are so lovably quirky and full of big ideas, but sometimes the world is still just too big for you to swallow and so you continue to turn to your beloved pacifiers, “Old Bluey” and “Old Greeny” and your favorite lovey…my “squishy elbow”.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  As a therapist’s son, you are the only two year old I know who is able to state “I feel a little bit nervous right now”, and even though I wish the world didn’t have to be such a stressful place for all of us some days, I am thankful that you are able to express your emotions so clearly at such a young age.


Every day I tell myself, “It can’t possibly get any more fun than this stage Theo is at right now!” and then every next day you go right ahead and prove me wrong!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I love seeing the world through your eyes, and I hope that I am doing it at least a little bit of justice from behind this camera lens!


Each month, I join a small group of other talented photographer moms to write a letter to our sons. Please keep reading through this blog circle by visiting Abbotsford Lifestyle Photographer, Candice Victoria Photography.

The Lensbaby Project / Philadelphia Children’s Photographer

This month I am participating in a new monthly blog circle, The Lensbaby Project (don’t worry, I’m still doing Letters to Our Sons each month as well!). A Lensbaby is a type of camera lens that allows you to create different focal effects, such as extra blurring (called bokeh) that can help the subject of your photo stand out more (or less, depending on your desired effect). Sometimes it can even create an effect that makes it look like your subject is in motion. This style of photography is called Tilt Shift, and while it takes some practice to perfect, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with my new Lensbaby 2.0 since Christmas!
2013-01-27_0001.jpg 2013-01-27_0002.jpg

Each month, the other photographers in my blog circle will also post some shots taken with their Lensbabies. To see more of this fun photography style, please visit the next blog post by Jess Curkovic ofย  Jess C Photography.

Before and After: The Signature Set / Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

After each photo shoot, I come back to my “digital darkroom” to add my own personal touches that can make your images really stand out. As one client put it…this helps to get those “ooohs and aaaaahs” from all your friends after your photos are up on the wall. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Often, I’ll edit each image by hand, to make sure that every individual shot is tweaked to my liking. But sometimes, I love to play with different pre-made “actions” and “presets” created by other pros in the field.

What an exciting privilege to be one of the testers for this gorgeous new set of Photoshop Elements Actions for Marissa Gifford PhotographyMarissa Gifford Photography! I am in LOVE with the soft, warm tones and subtle mattes included in this set, plus she included such luscious sounding names that kept me inspired as I worked (Summer Peach Haze, Rich Sunset, Plum Velvet and my personal favorite…Elemental B/W which includes a whole set of individual layers named Earth, Air, Fire, and Water)!

Check out a few of my favorites actions on this 2012 shot of sweet baby R.

(For those of you who don’t speak photographer slang, SOOC stands for “Straight out of camera”, or my unedited original image)
2013-01-23_0004.jpg 2013-01-23_0005.jpg

Lucy Baber Photography / Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

My new site is up and running!ย  This has truly been a labor of love to put together…special thanks to my awesome web-savvy husband who designed the new layout and also to my top secret logo designer for all the awesome work on my new branding!ย  You two have both worked so hard to help me out and I can’t wait until BOTH of you are ready to start accepting new clients so I can continue to help you grow your businesses! <3

Feel free to look around the new site and leave some love!ย  I’ve added a ton of new galleries to check out!ย  Also keep an eye out for more updates in the next few weeks, with my entire Welcome Guide going online as well as a special password-protected page for clients only! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to working with more of you in this New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚