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Father and young daughter hug and laugh at home South Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Rejean (#21)

father and daughter laugh together at home Northern Liberties Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography“Growing up in Philadelphia was way better when I was coming up, because simple things such as manners, respect, and helping each other were still instilled in children. It helped us form a real community. Nowadays people have no respect for each other, the violence is off the charts, so many families are separated and every day is just chaos. I raised my daughter with manners and respect, and I love how she is always quick to help and has a great loving personality. She loves everybody, but it’s a harsh reality trying to explain that not everyone is kind or will have her best interests in mind. Its a very cold world out here and one day she will be on her own; she’ll have to be able to make her own decisions and use her best judgment. Even though me and her mother do not get along, I cant speak negative to my daughter about her mother because it would not be right. My daughter loves both of us, and all I can do is do my part and be there everyday in her life and raise her the best way possible. I have no doubt she will grow up to be somebody great because of how she carries herself and because of her great spirit.”

dad and two toddler sons sit together on couch at home Germantown Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Kahris (#20)

dad sits on couch holding two toddler sons Fitler Square Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography“My goal is to teach my kids to do what’s right and not go down the wrong path. I know as long as I’m in my children’s lives, I can make an impact on them and guide them in the right direction.”

father and son play toy musical instruments together at home University City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Jeremy (#19)

father and son play toy musical instruments at home Passyunk Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography“Being a Black dad in this day and age is scary. I struggle with the realization that raising my kids to be proud of and confident in their ‘Blackness,’ in many ways, contradicts the way society views them. This is especially true for my son. How can I reconcile with him the contradicting fact that, although he was born during the tenure of America’s first Black president, unarmed Black men are repeatedly being gunned down for appearing to be a threat? He’s so young and innocent at this point, but how do I keep my fears from becoming his? Or should I? How do I keep myself from overreacting the minute he has one of his toddler fits because I’m afraid people will label him as the problem child, despite that fact that he’s extremely smart. When do I give him ‘the talk,’ not the one about the birds and the bees, but the one about how to become inferior in the face of law enforcement so that he can walk away with only a ticket and not end up handcuffed… or worse? How do I deal with the fear that despite my best efforts, he may still end up at the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Father sits with grown son and daughter on deck of house Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Tatum (#18)

father sits and laughs with grown son and daughter at home Ardmore PA Lucy Baber Photography

“Given my family’s socioeconomic status, I feel it’s most important for me as a Black dad to address the gray areas my middle-class children face. The opportunities and progress that are available to them are not constantly overshadowed by encounters with systemic racism. Therefore the parenting I need to give them is not as easily taught by experience as much as giving them awareness. This involves much teaching about not only being grateful for the sacrifices of their ancestors and connecting that legacy to the doors now open to them, but also being keenly aware of more insidious forms of racism. BLM has given an avenue for me to dialogue with white people in my life to talk about issues of race, bias, oppression, etc, which were previously routinely unexplored. It has also allowed me to see the depth of understanding my children have gained about their history throughout their upbringing, and given urgency to our involvement in political and community organizing efforts. My hope for my children is that they will be able to continue our legacy with the families they create, but I fear as they work to build their life that I could become a burden to them as I age. I hope that their participation in the U.S. economy allows them to sustain a higher socioeconomic status than what they experienced growing up that also affords them a comfortable retirement doing the things that they love. Finally, I hope that the beauty of the natural world as they experience it today is still intact for them to experience with their families and communities.”

father plays with toddler child at home Society Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Malcolm (#17)

dad plays with toddler daughter in living room at home Flourtown PA Lucy Baber Photography

“We must teach our kids their worth, knowing that society will constantly show them images degrading what it means to have their skin color. Knowing that there are laws in place to keep them at the bottom of society, we must teach them what they deserve. We must teach them their history, the parts of history that have been expunged from school history books. We must show them examples of how black people have ALWAYS been an educated, innovative, and strong people that have made so many contributions to this society.”

Young child in winter hat and coat in a cabin during photo session

Karen Osdieck

young child in coat and hat looks at his breath in a cold cabin

“Lucy worked with me on my portfolio set of images. She provided me with valuable and in-depth feedback on my images for so many different elements. She is so knowledgeable in compositional elements, exposure, white balance, intent, cropping and image flow. Lucy pushed me to find my style and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as an artist! She was so readily available and was there to answer all of my questions and help me along the way! I was accepted into the Clickin’ Moms and the In Beauty & Chaos Pro Programs as a result! I highly recommend anyone looking for mentoring and/or portfolio review services to go with Lucy!!” – Karen Osdieck Photography, LLC

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

Riley (#16)

father sits in chair holding daughter and son climbing on shoulders Fort Washington PA Lucy Baber Photography

“It is both wonderful and scary to be a Black dad. I get to lead by example, but I also fear that society will dig its claws into the beauty and innocence of my children. As a civil rights attorney, the BLM movement has impacted me greatly by bringing a spotlight to issues I have been fighting against my entire life. As a Black man, it’s scary to know that I could do everything right and still be killed by the police.”

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

Reginald (#15)

dad lifts and spins daughter like airplane in living room Glenside PA Lucy Baber Photography

“I believe my role as a Black father is to repair the damage to my community by the supposed ‘War on Drugs.’ This damage includes the destruction of the Black family unit due to mandatory minimums. First and foremost, my job is to let my daughter know that she is beautiful just the way she is, and to lead by example for my son.

Second, I would like to think that my job is to protect them from both physical, spiritual and mental harm. I believe the #Blacklivesmatter movement has done an excellent job of waking up America to a problem that never left. Further, the movement has help to create allies who want to help. Today, I feel like I must continue the tradition of ‘the talk’ that my mother had to have with me. I worry that my children’s lives could be taken away, while a state or non-state actor may get away scott-free.”

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

Ken (#14)

father and child laugh and play cards together at home Willow Grove PA Lucy Baber Photography

“I hope that my girls know, feel, and believe that they are ‘good enough’. I want them to know that they can set any goal for their lives, attend any school, live in any society and perform any task as well as their counterpart, whether that be a man or woman, Black or white. I don’t want them to dim their light to make the world feel comfortable. Let the world adjust to their #blackgirlmagic.”

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

Terral (#13)

father helps toddler daughter ride toy in backyard Havertown PA Lucy Baber Photography“My wife and I are proud to have daughters with such a rich heritage. I hope we can teach them to love themselves and to value others as well. Being Black and Indian will likely be a subject we’ll have to tackle at some point. I do have some fear about how that conversation will go some day. I love my girls just like any other father would and want the very best for them. We are all human and ultimately not all that different from each other.”