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Dad smiles and holds newborn daughter close at home South Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Karee (#30)

smiling father holds newborn daughter close on couch at home Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“My thoughts on fatherhood are layered by two defining factors: one being a Black man in America, the second dealing with my own cerebral palsy as a Black father. In a society where the stereotype is Black fathers aren’t as involved as they should be, I feel more determined to make sure as a first-time father that my daughter knows her father is an active part of her life. I want her to feel that the foundation that my wife and I set out for her is secured. My father was a staple in my life and gave me a fine example of what to follow and my hope is that I can build on that example and improve where needed so that my daughter knows her worth.” (Photo Credit: Sabrina Guyton)

Dad sits on steps with adult daughter at home in Richmond Virginia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

James (#29)

father sits on stoop with adult daughter at home Richmond Virginia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“To me being a Black dad in today’s society is being someone that my kids can look up to, even as they are adults. Things have changed from when my kids were younger but the message has always been the same; be proud of who you are and work your hardest to keep your head on straight.

As far as Black Lives Matter, I think it’s great what they are doing. It reminds me of the Black Panther movement, trying to make sure that we as a group are taken care of, because we have to take care of each other. It feels like society as a whole is not wanting to help us in the least.”

Rodney holds framed graduation photo of daughter who was killed Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Rodney (#28)

father holds framed graduation photo of his daughter who was killed Fishtown Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“I strongly pray that more Black fathers will be more responsible in their children’s lives. It is important for a Dad to be in his child’s life, to discipline, teach and guide them. Our young need to know that it’s wrong to take a life that is not yours or anybody else’s to take.”

Wedding guest in sequin dress having fun on the dance floor

Elaina Borchelt

“Lucy just gets it. She has this innate understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing and client experience. She very quickly was able to tell me what I should consider updating on my website and why. Things that I couldn’t see myself but once pointed out, totally made sense. I implemented most of those changes right away and immediately received three new inquiries that same week. An increase of about 100% since I hadn’t received an inquiry in months! I highly recommend Lucy. She’s honest, supportive and so easy to work with!” – Elaina Borchelt (Quakertown, PA Photographer)

Father feeds infant child food in high chair at home Northwest Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Carlos (#27)

father feeds infant son in highchair at home Old City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“I grew up in a single parent household (with my mom). I promised that my child would never have to experience the same pains that I felt growing up. I have no fears. I’m ready for whatever comes our way. I will take on all challenges and test fearlessly. Failure is not an option.”

Father plays with toy animals with son and daughter on porch Main Line PA Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Brandon (#26)

dad plays with toy animals with son and daughter at home Manayunk Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“Living by example is huge to me. I’m not one for a lot of political debates. I do intend to live out to the best of my ability.

As a Black male that did not have a good example from my own father, I feel God has given me an opportunity to teach my legacy through my children and be an example. Making the most of every opportunity. Pouring out to my children in coaching, being involved in their lives when I can. In my patients and letting them know someone is there to listen and care. Being there in every possible way for my wife.

I get held up in what stereotypes there are that black men don’t make it or that we are not good with our finances, or I haven’t been privileged to receive what other cultures may have. But I do believe God has blessed me with every good work. Blessed me with the ability to make it through school, to be married, to have children regardless what role models I may have lacked. I choose to believe that wholeheartedly.”

Dad and son sit on cough and laugh at home Center City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Ryan (#25)

dad laughs with toddler son on couch at home University City Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“When I think about my role as a Black dad in today’s society, I immediately think: Challenge Accepted. Just the simple fact that we are focusing on ‘Black dad’ vs. ‘dad’ is proof enough that there is a challenge associated with it. My father was Black and my mother was white. My wife is white. Being biracial – I feel this challenge is even greater as I feel (and have felt) stigmas from both sides.

The Black Lives Matter movement has had a profound impact in our family’s life. We are not activists, and I have not donated any time toward the cause. What it has done is open a dialogue between my wife and myself, and our friends and family (who come from all different backgrounds) that was never discussed or talked about before. We discussed each case that was advertised after reviewing as many different news outlets on each issue that we could. Sometimes we had the same opinion, other times we differed in how we thought about that circumstance. But, it became a topic that we made sure neither one of us ignored… I can’t think that because I live in a nice neighborhood and have a good job and obey the law that nothing bad can happen to me and my family – this was a thought that was new to me and one that I had not given much thought about until the recent issues started becoming more prevalent in the news. We know these issues are happening all the time and just now being made into a ‘big deal’ and I think it is important because, hopefully, it is starting a bigger discussion other than the ones I’ve had at home with my friends and family. Time will tell.”

Black Dad plays two two small children at home Grey's Ferry Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photography

Desmond (#24)

father plays with two toddler kids in living room at home Germantown Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“The most important thing for me is to be faithful and devoted; devoted to my family and to my marriage. The war on drugs and the increase in incarceration of Black men have caused broken families. Stereotypes are meant to destroy, uproot and belittle groups of people or its intended targets; so my unshakable desire is to be devoted to my family and to their well-being.

BLM has brought awareness to me that I had kind of allowed to die down, an awareness of the injustice that has taken place in and toward Black communities. This awareness has in turn made me more intentional about talking about American history, specifically Black American history, with my kids. I hope that by doing so I can begin to dismantle some of the stereotypes that are placed on Black families.

I think because of BLM and the increased attention to racial injustices in America, there is a window of opportunity right now to have those conversations, not just in our families, but in society. There is an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a Black man, and to challenge those stereotypes.

As a follower of Christ myself and as a pastor, my ultimate hope and goal is for each of my children to have a relationship with Christ. But I also think the Bible calls us to work towards bettering ourselves and the world that we are a part of, and to love the people around us. I want that for my kids too, I want them to flourish and grow up to be creative, to contribute to their community and to the greater society, not just be consumers. I want them to explore their academic abilities. Furthermore, I want to leave a positive legacy for my kids, a world that is more just, where they have more opportunities.”

new father holds smiling infant child at home Chestnutt Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Brian (#23)

father holding smiling infant child in arms at home Society Hill Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“The Black Lives Mater (BLM) movement has brought worldwide awareness to a seemingly disregard for the Black life. The movement has brought about a galvanizing force to challenge the systemic programs that have resulted in specific targeting of Black males. In my eyes BLM is the voice for the voiceless, and the sentiment is that injustices will not go unnoticed and those that have unfortunately lost their lives would not have done so in vain.

My hope is that my children will be free to grow and make the same mistakes as equally as other children, with the consequences being equal and not life threatening.”

Dad and son clean up the street in front of house West Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photography

Baron (#22)

father and son clean up street in front of house Fairmount Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

“It’s a privilege and opportunity to be a real father to my beautiful kids. It’s even more of a privilege to have the opportunity to prove to myself that I can be an awesome father, both spiritually and financially, despite the fact that my own father was not present in my life.”