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Boudoir Palm Springs

Feminist Photo Vacay 2019 | Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

I spent the last few days with the most amazing group of people.  The week was filled with sunshine, creative collaboration, relaxation, body positivity, and the most amazingly warm feminine energy.

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photographyboudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

At the beginning of the retreat, my sweet friend Carly asked us all, “What are you bringing with you into this week, and what do you hope to take away?”  I answered that I hoped to leave with a renewed sense of self outside of my roles as “mom” and “wife”, not knowing exactly what to expect.

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

And well, in the end I did find exactly that, and I think these photos pretty accurately sum up my experience.  I left this year’s Feminist Photo Vacay with a stronger sense of my own womanhood apart from the male gaze.  I left with a more enthusiastic acceptance of every curve and soft spot on my body, not just because this body gave me babies or because I’ve got a man at home who loves me, but because women’s bodies are just fucking amazing!

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

Not once this week did I overhear anyone making self-deprecating jokes about their size or shape, or talk about calories or carbs.  There were no apologies made for anyone’s presence or appearance, and it struck me how extremely rare that is in my everyday life.  Everyone I met just completely owned their inner badass goddess, and I’m so grateful to be taking that energy back home with me.

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Lucy Baber Photography

As it turns out, confidence really is much sexier than society’s definition of the “perfect” body.

boudoir session at Feminist Photo Vaycay in Palm Springs Kendall Lauren Photography[image credit: Kendall Lauren Photography]

I’ve always shied away from shooting boudoir photos, because I felt like it didn’t really match the rest of my “family-friendly” brand.  But leaving this week, I’m not only super excited to start offering these types of sessions to my clients, but I also feel like I have a much clearer understanding of the primary purpose of boudoir photography.  I always thought it was just about sexuality.  But now I understand that it’s about so much more than that, because PEOPLE are about so much more than that.  Boudoir photography is about power and strength, clarity, vulnerability, trusting others, trusting yourself, untangling complex emotions, rediscovering hidden layers, and unconditional acceptance.  And if you ask me, those principles match my brand just perfectly, don’t you think?

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Chris Baker Evens

mom with three kids in a park Philadelphia Chris Baker Evans

“After 2 years being in business I have covered my business costs, but little more. I reached out to Lucy Baber to help me get out of my funk and clear a path for a profitable business model while keeping relationship with my family and enjoying what I do – all at the same time! Before we met Lucy asked me background questions and took time to look over my online business presence. By the time we were speaking together Lucy had a good grasp of my business model, potential clients and opportunities for growth and crafting a more defined clientele. By the end of our conversation I had a range of suggested next steps, and more importantly, a lot of questions to wrestle with about who I wanted to be as a photographer in business. Lucy promised that she wouldn’t spoon feed me a formula to riches and fame but engage in a conversation that would help me craft a strategy to meet my own goals, and she fully delivered on that promise. If you’re in a transition phase in your photography business I highly recommend a mentoring session with Lucy Baber.” – Chris Baker Evens (Philadelphia Documentary Photographer)

Wanda Thomas

Wanda Thomas

professional headshot woman holding glasses and book Wanda Thomas

“Lucy Baber is truly amazing and worth every cent you invest in her service as a mentor and Photographer. After years of working with other coaches, I decided to work with a mentor in my own industry and I KNEW Lucy was the one. I had attended one of her workshops and had seen her grow an online presence like few people had in our industry. I knew that I wanted to learn her ways. But she didn’t teach me cookie-cutter methods, she made my experience personal. She did her homework on me and gave me a customized method that WORKS! When I say she is it, Lucy is IT! She helped me see my business in a way I never thought possible!” – Wanda Thomas (Philadelphia Headshot Photographer)

Bridget Massa

maternity photo session with husband and kids Bridget Massa

“Lucy’s work speaks for itself. She’s making waves as a photographer and activist, leading and uniting communities in Philadelphia. This leadership also extends to her mentoring abilities. In such a personal industry, photographers tend to shy away from sharing their business “secrets”. Lucy never spoke in code or made me feel inferior to her experience. We talked about strategy, branding, marketing, and technical skills in ways that elevated my business so much more than I anticipated. I’ve taken various free courses and watched tutorials over the years, but having Lucy’s one-on-one attention enabled me to ask questions specific to my business and quickly resolve things that I had been struggling with for months.

Prior to my mentorship, I felt disorganized in my offerings. I was a family photographer, passionate about telling stories of motherhood, who also dabbled in weddings (confusing, I know). My brand felt like a diluted mess, and I felt like a fraud in all genres, struggling with the idea that I should “pick a specialty” and “stay in my lane”. Within moments, Lucy reassured me that the way I tell stories is my specialty and gave me the confidence to create connections and push forward in all of my work. After spending an hour with Lucy, I felt more encouraged and inspired than ever. The confidence and clarity I gained during our time together was well worth my investment.

After our meeting, the real work began. With her guidance, I focused on my message, revamped my website, and began building strong connections with other local photographers in my community. I’m currently having the busiest season of my career, all while making intentional choices and creating art that I feel passionate about. When we met, I had one wedding booked for 2018. After putting her advice into practice, I now have 8, and several for next year, with bookings increasing across all of my offerings.

Thank you Lucy – for confidence, clarity, and encouragement. Your mentorship was such a gift to my business. Your knowledge is well worth the investment and I would encourage other photographers to connect you immediately if they are struggling to find clarity in their business.” – Bridget Massa (Collingswood NJ Photographer)

Father kisses newborn child in nursery West Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

Cobbina (#44)

father gives his newborn baby a kiss in nursery of home Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“My decisions will have lifelong effects on my daughters! The Black Lives Matter movement has brought to the forefront the conversation America needed to have with its African-American citizens, and that is what I find happening in my life, having conversations with people I probably would have never conversed with otherwise. My hopes for my daughters are that they would glean all the good from our daddy-daughter experience. No fears!  Fear never benefited anybody.” 

Dad holds newborn baby in nursery during home photo session Philadelphia

Paul (#43)

new father holding infant baby in nursery Manayunk Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“My son and daughter are going to be judged differently than other kids. Not being born and raised in the USA, I see a society that does not hold certain types of children in high regard. It is important to me to build a home where my kids are loved unconditionally, and no matter how hostile the outside world can be, they will always have a place to belong.” 

Cedric plays board game with two sons at home 100 Black Dads Lucy Baber Photography

Cedric (#42)

dad plays board game with sons at home in Northern Liberties Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

To me, being a Black dad in today’s society means being a provider, protector, and role model for my family and others in the community. Yes, it has made me have to explain to my boys what it means to be an African American, what has happened in the past, and why we must remain strong and proud in the present and future. 

Reverend Nicholas Lee playing Legos with his four kids 100 Black Dads Philadelphia Lucy Baber Photography

Nicholas (#41)

dad plays with legos with his four children at home Passyunk Philadelphia Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“There is an additional pressure because we are a biracial family. People often look at us strange for the obvious reasons, but there is an additional stereotype about Black men and white women that we have to be cognizant of as well.  
The Black Lives Matter movement has impacted the conversations we have in our home. When Terrance Crutcher was shot, the reality set in that I too could be a big Black man who looks like a threat from a helicopter or a police car. For a while, my wife and older kids were concerned about me driving at night or leaving for work early in the morning.  
My prayer for my kids is the same thing I pray openly in front of my congregation: that the world would become a place that is safe for all of us no matter who we are. I pray for a world where the words of Isaiah are realized, that we would no longer study war, and that gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson and Glock would retool and instead of making weapons build affordable housing for the homeless.  
I pray that my sons and daughters would be judged for their character and their identity as children of God.” 

Dad holds toddler 100 Black Dads Lucy Baber Photography

Chris (#40)

dad hold laughing infant son and plays with daughter at home Flourtown PA Lucy Baber Family Photographer

“As a Black dad, there are specific things that I have to teach my kids: how to interact with authority figures (not just law enforcement officers), understand the stereotypes that do exist, understand that not everyone and everything is racist. My hope is that my children grow to become respectable individuals that love God, love their families, and continue a legacy I hope to leave behind.”

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography

Top 5 Reasons to Book Spring Family Photos!

Fall family photos have become the annual tradition for a lot of families, but I personally think there’s so much more to love about taking family photos in the SPRING!  Here are just five reasons why I think more Philly families should book a spring family photo session.

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5. Obviously, the FLOWERS!

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography




4. Capturing mid-year MILESTONES.

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography




3. There are so many great BRIGHT COLORS to wear in the spring!

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography




2. Ditch the jackets and heavy boots!  Bring on all the CUTE CLOTHES!!

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography




1. And finally, booking a spring family photo session is a perfect gift for MOTHER’S DAY!

Philadelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber PhotographyPhiladelphia Family Photographer | Lucy Baber Photography


I still have TWO dates left for 2018 Spring family photos in Philadelphia, so be sure to book today!