We Are All Activists

Art Activism and Community Engagement

I believe we can all be activists. Whether it’s your devotion to your kids, your work ethic, or your political drive, we all have gifts to offer the community. For me, it’s through art.

Over the past few years, the turmoil in our world illuminated the connection between my photography and a greater empathy and social awareness. That spark of human connection, captured on camera, lasts forever and won’t be put out.

Inspired by the countless men of color in our greater Philadelphia community who show up for their families with love, tenderness, and dignity every day, I began my latest venture: The 100 Black Dads Photo Project. It’s committed to revealing an unsaid truth: that the photos of families, while unique, are always bound by a common thread of love, regardless of color, creed or circumstance. If you or a friend are interested in joining this ongoing project, please contact me.