100 Black Dads

100 Black Dads Project

A photo project that highlights the loving, hard working, and nurturing side of Black fathers in America.

Letting Black Fathers Share Their Stories

100 Black Dads came about through my involvement in learning about the Black Lives Matter movement, and the desire to contribute to this movement through art. In 2016, I teamed up with two other talented photographers to explore what it means to be Black while raising children in today’s culture.

We hope to use this as an opportunity to listen and learn from each of the volunteers. Each father shares what it means for them to be a Black father raising children in today’s culture.

The photographers behind this project are trying to use this time to listen. We want to make sure to keep ourselves out of the way and just let each dad’s unique story unfold in front of the camera organically. Once the project is complete, we hope that it will find a broader audience for exposure about this important perspective.

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