100 Black Dads: The Gallery Show!

I’m super excited to announce that the 100 Black Dads project has its first gallery show! The show will run October 24 – January 17, 2021 at the Banana Factory Arts Center in Bethlehem, PA.

I recently stopped by the gallery with my trusty sidekick and photographer bestie, Elaina Borchelt, to help set up the show. I had no idea how much work goes into hanging photos in a gallery space! There was a LOT of math and measuring involved!

Since 2020 is officially the Weirdest Year Ever, the show is taking place both in-person (for those of you brave souls who are willing drive up to Bethlehem, PA) AND virtually online! I’ll be hosting a virtual panel (via Zoom) on Friday November 6 at 6:30 PM, where you’ll get a chance to hear from me and the other project photographers, in addition to a few of our awesome dads! Registration is totally free, so I’d love to have you join us! 🙂 Sign up at the button below!

For more info on the gallery show, click here! And if you’d like to read my recent interview with The Banana Factory all about the project, please visit this link.

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